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Designing a beautiful exterior makes it easier to sell your home in the future. The ideal exterior blends in with the rest of the neighborhood while subtly standing out from your neighbors. Nova Exteriors offers three different options for finishing a home in need of style that will last for years. All three options for siding come with their own sets of unique benefits, and some can be used together for an eye-catching finished look for the home. Compare our product lines to start dreaming about your new exterior.

The first step, though, is picking the right material:

Available Siding Types

Vinyl Siding
The popular choice among today's consumers, requires little maintenance. Just an occasional rinse with the garden hose will remove most airborne dust and dirt
Fiber Cement Siding
HardieShingle siding has the same warm, authentic look as cedar siding shingles, yet it resists rotting, cracking, and splitting.
Exterior Trim
Finish off your project with accent trim for windows, doors and edges.

Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance option that can look like nearly any other material you like. There's no need to deal with the painting and sanding of wood siding when vinyl has the same look without the work. The coloring agents are mixed into the material before it is poured into the texturing molds, reducing fading problems over time and ensuring there is no peeling and bubbling after just a few years. The light weight of vinyl materials also make installation fairly quick and easy. If something does damage a section of the siding, it can be removed and replaced without disturbing the rest of the exterior. Of course, the affordable price of vinyl siding also helps it stay one of the most popular products on the building supply market.

James Hardie siding boards are affordable and tough, but they also bring a lot of traditional or modern style to the table. The boards are coated with a solid, baked-on finish to keep moisture out of the material while adding long-lasting color. Choose from shades that remind you of classic weathered barns or bold greens and blues that really pop. Various products are available to meet the climatic requirements of Northern Virginia, meaning there's no reason to worry about high humidity or late summer storms when using this type of siding. This Northern Virginia siding is also thicker than other products, giving it resistance to 150 mile per hour winds and debris like hail and falling branches.

Finally, don't forget about PVC trim options from Azek and Nova Exteriors. The trim acts and feels like wood, but the cellular material is far more resistant to fire and impervious to rot and termites. Workers can trim and cut it to fit on the site without needing any special tools. Moulding and other finishing pieces are also available to complete your Northern Virginia siding. Check out dozens of different colors to find trim that complements or contrasts with your favorite vinyl or board siding. Once you mix and match the various sofft covers and other components of a complete exterior, Nova Exteriors can roll in and get ready to start the installation.

This serves as a guide to a typical siding and trim installation. Your project may vary depending upon the specific work contracted.

  • You will receive a call from the front office to receive a start date for your project.
  • If you have any valuables hanging on your walls, please take care to remove them as they may become unstable in the construction process.
  • Remove existing aluminum siding, lights, numbers, mailboxes etc.
  • Inspect for rotted wood and replace at $4.00 per square foot.
  • Where necessary, install a foundation sealing system to prevent air and insect penetration.
  • Install heavy duty mounting systems for all lights, hose bibs, electrical outlets, exhaust vents and dryer vents.
  • Install NOVA Exteriors, Inc. custom accessory package which includes Steel Starter Strips, 3/4" J channels around all windows, doors, final course of siding and up the gable ends.
  • Install finish trim on the final course and under all window sills.
  • Install 3-1/2" corner posts.
  • Install premium 1/2" insulation or Home wrap if ordered by the homeowner.
  • Install vinyl siding.
  • Furnish and install louvers & shutters.
  • Cap all wood corner posts, rake, fascia, freeze and gutter boards in vinyl coated.
  • Cap porch header and soffit porch ceiling.
  • Cap all windows and doors in vinyl coated aluminum.
  • Replicate original dimension on window and door brick molds as closely as possible.
  • Check overhang for proper air intake to ventilate the roof.
  • Install perforated soffit on all overhangs.
  • Caulk and seal with O.S.I. Quad Advanced Formula Sealant.
  • Clean up and haul away all job related debris.

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