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Nothing is more important to the safety of your family and the integrity of your home than a roof that is secure and trustworthy. Of course, there is so much more to a roof than just covering your home. If you invest in the highest quality materials and an integrated systems approach, your roof will actually work for you, and you can rest, knowing your new roof will last.

When your home needs a new roof, come to Nova Exteriors because we're the experts in Northern Virginia roofing. We offer roofing material from the Certainteed Materials Corporation so you know you're getting the very best materials on the market.

Certainteed Materials

Certainteed offers sleek and streamlined solar powered roofing that looks just as beautiful as conventional shingles, but will cut down on your energy bills and help preserve other energy sources. They offer three roofing system options including Apollo II, Apollo Tile, and Solstice, all of which are designed so the materials work together to enhance the efficiency of the roofing. Certainteed also offer fantastic customer warranties to ensure our clients are happy with their results on a long-term basis.

Nova Exteriors only uses the finest quality materials because we want to only give the best to our customers. That's why our work carries the Good Housekeeping Seal, proving, even beyond the millions of happy customers' approval, that our work is beautiful, polished, and most importantly, reliable.

Your roof is more than a few shingles slapped on top of your house - it's a system that has to be thought about and dealt with carefully to ensure all parts of it are working together seamlessly. We can help assess your roof and explain how the different aspects, such as chimneys, attics, or ventilation should work together.

Nova...your roofing contractor in Northern Virginia

When you hire our contractors, you know you're working with a group of people who truly care about their work and the results for your home. We will always talk to you about your concerns and hopes, as we work with you to improve the life, value, and safety of your home.

We also understand the value of being insured and protecting your home. All of our work will keep your home up to date on Northern Virginia roofing codes and laws. We are experts in the area and know how to give you the results you want while keeping your home safe.

We supervise the project from the first evaluation to inspecting the finished work and cleaning up after ourselves when we finish. To give you peace of mind, we will be very clear about our warranty and that of the manufacturer to make sure you understand where you're protected so you can come back for any assistance when needed. Of course, with our superior craftsmanship, you will hardly need it as we assure you our roofing systems will be reliable and expertly installed the first time around.

Contact us to ask about our services. We can offer you a written estimate. We'd love to discuss your roof's potential to be functional, beautiful, and a worry-free improvement for your home.

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