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NOVA Exteriors for Decks in Herndon Virginia

NOVA makes dreams come true. If you've often thought about installing a deck onto your home so that you can enjoy the refreshing spring air and summer breezes in in our hot, humid summers, you've come to the right place. NOVA are experienced and skilled deck builders in Herndon, Virginia, and we can give you the quality deck that you expect and deserve.

Benefits of NOVA Decks

A NOVA deck is ideal for:

  • Expanding living space for outdoor sleeping.
  • Holding BBQs with friends and family.
  • Entertaining guests in the outdoors.
  • Highlighting the best parts of your garden.
  • Giving great views of your yard and scenic surroundings.
  • Relaxing in the sun or shade, depending where your deck is situated.
  • Increasing the value of your home.
  • Inspiration

There are at least five different types of decks, and this list gives may give you some inspiration once you've had a good look at your home and decided why and where you need a deck:

  • Platform decks are attached to homes, usually at the front or back. They are usually simple in design and are often combined with houses that are built on level land.
  • Wrap-around decks look great on either single or double-story homes as they add a dash of panache and Old World charm.
  • Multilevel decks are popular because they lend themselves to a variety of architectural styles. Ideally, homes need to be on sloped lots, but if not, decks can be adapted. Steps or walkways connect levels. Multilevel decks are ideal for a combination of functions such as BBQs, relaxing, and entertaining.
  • Freestanding or islands decks are located in yards, and are ideal if the ground is uneven or not well drained.
  • Pool decks are fantastic additions to swimming pools and hot tubs, or even around a pond.

What NOVA Offers

NOVA decks are constructed with the highest-quality materials, including AZEKĀ® synthetic decking and rails, cedar wood decking, and #1 grade pressure-treated wood decking. These materials are easy to maintain, so your deck will always look good.

For the convenience of our customers, we obtain all the necessary building permits and are present during inspections.

Our company is fully insured and licensed, and our staff are skilled and experienced project managers and artisans. NOVA Exteriors is one of the Top 500 Remodelers in the US, and we aim to provide you, the customer, with excellent, first-rate service. We consider ourselves to be a Herndon, Virginia, deck builder of supreme worth.

Contact NOVA Exteriors today for a free quote. Our online Free Estimate Request form only takes a couple of minutes to complete, or call us on (703) 651-2002 to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.

This serves as a guide to a typical deck installation. Your project may vary depending upon the specific work contracted.

  • You will receive a call from the front office to receive a start date for your project.
  • NOVA Exteriors, Inc. will pull all the permits and will be responsible for all inspections.

Homeowner responsible for HOA approval (NOVA may assist in process).

  • Review project with the home owner and make any final changes.
  • Demo and remove old deck or patio (if replacement project).
  • Install a 2 x 10 ledger board against house and over existing siding.
  • Dig post foundation holes approximately 24" and fill with 8" of concrete.
  • Install 6 x 6 posts, with a 3" notch to hold the carrier beam.
  • Install beveled and routed carrier beams approximately 2 feet from each edge of the deck to run parallel with the house (or where appropriate), thereby making our decks free standing and safe.
  • Install 2 x 10 floor joists.
  • Install 2 x 6 floor boards.
  • Install 4 x 4 rail posts.
  • Install 2 x 4 top and bottom railings, screwed to the 4 x 4 rail posts with 2" pickets, screwed 3-1/2" on center.
  • Install 2 x 6 hand rail, beveled and routed.
  • Install a 2 x 6 band board at the entire perimeter to cover unsightly showing of the ends of the decking boards.
  • Install 4' wide steps with closed risers.
  • Rout all edges.
  • Some options as follows; railing designs, 45 degree cut corners with a sunburst railing, hot tubs sunken in the deck or sitting above deck. Optional Bench, Trellis, Free-Standing Landing, Lattice, Fence, Gates or Planters. Cedar, Trex or other composite decking available. Also available are several railing types (vinyl, trex, endurance, Dekorator). We use Grade 1 PT lumber. Green alternatives available.

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