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Give Your Home a Makeover with New Siding and an Ashburn Virginia Siding Contractor

Thinking about giving your home a makeover? Upgrading the exterior of your home with new siding is a wonderful way to give it a makeover, especially during the warmer months of the year; although, this is a task that our team of siding contractors can do year-round.

When you're ready to change the exterior of your home, whether you're upgrading its existing siding or adding brand new siding, NOVA Exteriors wants to be your Ashburn Virginia siding contractor.

With 20 years of experience on our side and a valued reputation built on honesty and quality workmanship, you can count on a redesigned exterior that will truly stand out from the rest of the neighborhood while blending nicely with other homes.

If you have the vision, we have the solution. Let's work together to bring it all together. You have three siding options with NOVA Exteriors. See below to learn more.

Vinyl Siding
The popular choice among today's consumers, requires little maintenance. Just an occasional rinse with the garden hose will remove most airborne dust and dirt
Fiber Cement Siding
HardieShingle siding has the same warm, authentic look as cedar siding shingles, yet it resists rotting, cracking, and splitting.
Exterior Trim
Finish off your project with accent trim for windows, doors and edges.

Siding Solutions for Homeowners

Here are your three siding solutions when you allow NOVA Exteriors to become your Ashburn Virginia siding contractor:

  • Vinyl Siding: Looking for a siding solution that's budget friendly? Then why not consider the ever-popular vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is a favorite for homeowners as it is an affordable option, it's easy to maintain and it's available in a wide-array of styles and colors. Shopping around for new vinyl siding is exciting because your options are virtually limitless.
    Not only is this type of siding affordable and available in a wide-variety of styles and colors, but it's also quick to install. Vinyl siding is less likely to fade over time; it takes longer to fade when compared to other siding solutions such as painted wood. In the event that the siding does in fact become damaged over time, this is an easy repair to make.
  • Fiber Cement Siding: This lovely type of siding offers homeowners with a solution that looks similar to cedar siding minus the rotting that comes along with cedar. Due to the finish of this type of siding, it is highly-moisture resistant and the color withstands the tests of time.
    Fiber cement siding is an affordable option with the availability of traditional styles and colors. And thanks to the durability of fiber cement siding, it is capable of resisting high-speed winds up to 150mph and can take a beating from Mother Nature, even when it comes to falling or flying debris.
  • Trim: Your home's new makeover is not complete without finishing off its new look with an upgrade of the home's exterior trim. The NOVA Exterior trim options for your home include countless ideas for accenting your home's doors, edges, and window with PVC trim.
    PVC trim is not only available in a wide-variety of colors to complement your home's new look but its rot resistant and fire resistant as well. This tough resistance to damage is thanks to its cellular material.
When you're ready to get started and you need a qualified contractor, stop searching for siding contractors in Ashburn Virginia and contact NOVA Exteriors right away to set up your FREE estimate!

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